How Do Wolves Hunt


Wolves usually hunt in a pack.

This makes them more

efficient hunters.

Each hunt may take several hours.

As the wolves set out.

They often run in a single line

to search for prey.


The wolves may find a herd

of caribou or muskoxen.

The pack will usually choose a weak

or old animal as its prey.

Such an animal is almost always

easier to catch than a young, heathy one.

The wolves then sneak

towards the animal.

They stay downwind so that the prey

cannot smell them.

Ocne they are close,

the wolves start to run.

They attack the animals

rump or sides.

As the animal weakens and stumbles,

the wolves grab it by the throat

or snout.

Then they quickly kill it.


Pack members work well together.

Some wolves may distract a mother

animal while the other sneak upon her young.

Or a few wolves may go ahead of the pack and hide.

They ambush the prey when

the rest of the pack

drives it toward them.