Why Do Wolves

Live In Packs?


Wolves don't have easy lives.

Often they have to travel many

miles to find prey.

And most wolves don' catch every

animal they hunt.

Their prey have strong defences.

Deer and Caribou can run faster then wolves.

Huge musk oxen fight off wolves by

standing in a circle with

their horns facing out.


To help them catch prey, wolves live and hunt in packsof 8 to 12 members.

Each pack stakes out a large territory

as its hunting ground.

Wolve mark the territory by

urinating along its boarder.

They feircely defend the territory

against other wolf packs.

Wolves find food for

themselves and their young.


Large packs of wolves can

more easily capture large prey.

For example, a large pack might

attack a moose rather then a deer.

Pack hunting is especailly important

when pups are born.

A litter of pups may need more meat

then two parents alone can provide.