Why Do Wolves Howl?


Wolves howl for many reasons.

Sometimes, wolves howl to claim

their territory.

Their howls warn other wolves

to stay away.

On a calm night,

their howling can be heard

up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) away.

Sometimes one pack howls, saying "this is our territory".

Other packs howl back saying "this is ours".


Howling helps pack members keep

in touch when they get separated.

It also helps them get together again.

No two wolves have exactly the

same voice.

When separated ,wolves probably

reconize one an other's, howls

just as we reconize the voice of

our friends on the telephone.


Wolves also howl because they like to!

Some people think the howls of wolves sound a lot like a group sing-along.

Howling together helps keep

up a strong group feeling in a pack.