How Else Do Wolves

Signal Each Other?


Wolves have many ways

to communicate with

one another.

One way is with sounds. In

addition to howling, wolves use

a variety of other sounds to

"talk" to each other. An alpha wolf

may growl at another wolf.

The otherwolf may whine or squeal.

Wolves also use body language.

For example, a wolf may crouch

down before the pack leader.

Or a may signal "lets play!"

with forelegs down, rump up, and tails wagging__________Just as a pet dog does.


Wolves also use their tails to communicate their status

In the pack.

A wolf may curl its tail under its body

when it is with the alpha wolf.


Wolves sometimes show feelings with their faces.

They make threatening or "Don't hurt me "


Good communications amoung

the pack members helps

keep order and enables the

pack to work together successfully.