What Makes Wolves

Good Hunters?


Wloves have several features that

help them hunt prey.

Wolves have excellent hearing.

They also have a keen

sence of smell.

Wolves can smell a deer from over

1 mile (1.6 lilometers) away!


Wolves have very good eyesight

Too.A wolf's eyes are in front

of its head.

A wolf can see its prey with

both eyes at once.

Its vision in the dark is

is very good, and it can

easily spot movement.


Wolves have long legs that

help them run fast.

A wolf can run for 12 miles at 15 to 30 miles (24 to 48 kilometers) per hour.

Over a short distance, it can

sprint as fast as 40 miles

(64kilometers) per hour.


Wolves use teir sharp canine teeth

to hold onto prey.

Wolves have very strong jaws that can

crunch the huge bones of a

moose and other large prey.