What Games Do

Wolf Pups Play?


Wolf pups chase, wrestle, and pounce

on one another.

They play with objects they find, to.

As they win or lose at play fights,

they work out dominance order

among themselves.

The winners of play fights make

clear that they are more powerful

then the losers are.

Winning at play shows that

they can dominate their less powerful brothers and sisters.


Playing also helps pupsdevelop their

muscles and pratice the skills

they will need for hunting.

They sneak up and pounce on

insects and small animals.

At first, the pups often miss.

But they are quick learner!


In the fall, the pups and adults

begin to hunt togther.

The pups learn by watching the older wolves.

It takes time and practice for

a young wolf to become

a skilled hunter.