Are Wild Dogs In Danger?


Some dogs are in danger.

Red wolves are nearly extinct.

Gray wolves now live in only

a small part of the land they

once hunted.

People and lions have killed great numbers of african wild dogs.

These dogs have also lost much

of their habitat to farms.


Other wild dogs, such as

coyotes and the red foxes,now

live in more places than ever before.

Their numbers continue to grow.


Many laws have been passed to

stop the killing of endangered wolves.

Conservationst are working to

preserve national parks and forests.

They want to give plety of space

to wild dogs and their prey.


In the United State, scientist have been reintroducing wolves in

places where they use to live.

One such place is Yellowstone National Park.

Wolve had lived in the park for

many years.

Scientist and many others

hope that the wolves will

once again thrive there.