Welcome to the Archive.

This is a collection of user-created worlds and was created with the goal of preserving and guarding cultural treasures against the hardware failures, expired domains, and tragic accidents which have already destroyed so many.

Our intent is not to steal content, claim credit, or otherwise undermine or detract from creators in any way. Very few creators, however, can be tracked down in any reasonable manner. Several manual and automated techniques are employed to track down existing worlds. These are downloaded and hosted for the sole purpose of preservation. If you are an original creator or host and would like your content removed, please provide Jett or Sypha with a direct link to the world or worlds in question and it will be taken down as soon as it can be verified that the complaint is legitimate. We can be found in any of the popular Discord servers or, of course, on Worlds itself. We are very willing to work with creators and only wish to make the community a more vibrant place by allowing people to explore an important part of our lives that might otherwise slowly crumble and be lost forever.

Files are managed, organized, and maintained by Jett. Hosting and server management is provided by Sypha. The preservation of history by its nature must be a community effort, and this is no exception. The other members of Worlds who helped make this possible are too many to list here and their contributions will hopefully live on indefinitely in this archive. Thank you all for your help.